Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey Hey!

Hey Hey!

Well the trip to Wenatchee was forever long, but I really like it out here.  My companion is Elder Card and he's from Orem.  He's a really good guy and we get along real well, which is great because we are the only English speaking missionaries in the district and 1 of like 3 in the zone.  Not sure why but there's always a weird rift between the Spaniards and the English missionaries.  But, anyways, not a whole lot of work out here at the moment.  We have a few potentials, but we have set a really high goal this month of being able to baptize 5 people...we just have to go and find them.

I got your letter that you sent and am working on sending some out to the kids (just need envelopes).

Wenatchee is pretty cool.  Well, it's really HOT but is a neat place...the third largest city in the mission just behind Cd'A.  And the work out here is just exploding!  The stake has almost doubled it's baptisms for the year and it's only August.  So we're stoked about that!  Umm...oh, the family we live with is super awesome!  The Lewis'.  They have 5 boys and one is on a mission right now another is in the military and then the rest are at home.  It's like having three little bro's..haha...but I love mine more!

Well, I think that's it for this week.  Hope it was enough info.  Oh...wait!  Going to the temple tomorrow (Tues) so maybe I'll get to see some people in Spokane on the trip there or something, but I don't know.

I love you guys!

Love, Elder Lance Ririe

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