Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not sick anymore!!!! Whoo yeah!

Hey Mom and Den,

Things here are good.  I'm not sick anymore so I can work now, which is great!  Yeah, being sick was not fun.  I was on the Z-pack and some other stuff to help me get rid of the cough.  So now it only comes and goes every once in a while.  Anyways, things are good here.  A lot of the same ole same ole.  Oh, wait!  I just remembered the Rodgers are moving (Emmy's family) and they'll be gone by the 25th.  So kind of a bummer.  But, hey, what can you do?!

The Houstons are good, although they haven't been to church in a couple weeks.  But they've been having a lot of car trouble lately, so we'll see how things go.  Good news though...I got to see Sis. Futi and Ti!  It just kind of worked out while we were trying to help somebody move.  They were close by the house so I stopped over there and said hi.  They're doing good.  It sounds like she's been doing a lot of visiting teaching and her testimony is coming a long slowly but surely.  Ti is still thinking about a mission but not real seriously.  But I know he'd be awesome if he went!  I just kinda think he's a little scared of the commitment of it all.  But it's all good.

We have a kid we are starting to teach from Ecuador, George....(hint hint Uncle Shane).  The moment I told him I had an uncle that went there on a mission, he went about a million miles an hour talking about all sorts of stuff about Ecuador.  So maybe I could get some info on where Shane might have served around and I'll get more info about him and where he's from.  He said north, but not sure north of what.

Well I  love you guys and I miss you tons!!!

Love, Elder Ririe