Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Last Letter???

Hey Mom and Den!

Okay, I remember you making fish tacos for Dennis all the time Mom.  What do you mean you don't make them???

How did Hunter break his collar bone?  Rugby?

Sis Sosa came to church to visit and almost made me cry.  I feel like I'm leaving one mom, and going back to another.  I'm excited about going home, but at the same time really sad about leaving because of all that I've done here.  I've put in a lot of work...and a whole lotta love....and now I don't wanna go home.  Funny how that works.  I  spend the first 2 months thinking this week would never come, and the last 2 wishing it would stay away.  What do you guys have planned for Monday?  I would kinda like a heads up just so I know what I'm getting into. 

Love you guys!  I'm really looking forward to being with you guys again!

Love, Elder Ririe

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not sick anymore!!!! Whoo yeah!

Hey Mom and Den,

Things here are good.  I'm not sick anymore so I can work now, which is great!  Yeah, being sick was not fun.  I was on the Z-pack and some other stuff to help me get rid of the cough.  So now it only comes and goes every once in a while.  Anyways, things are good here.  A lot of the same ole same ole.  Oh, wait!  I just remembered the Rodgers are moving (Emmy's family) and they'll be gone by the 25th.  So kind of a bummer.  But, hey, what can you do?!

The Houstons are good, although they haven't been to church in a couple weeks.  But they've been having a lot of car trouble lately, so we'll see how things go.  Good news though...I got to see Sis. Futi and Ti!  It just kind of worked out while we were trying to help somebody move.  They were close by the house so I stopped over there and said hi.  They're doing good.  It sounds like she's been doing a lot of visiting teaching and her testimony is coming a long slowly but surely.  Ti is still thinking about a mission but not real seriously.  But I know he'd be awesome if he went!  I just kinda think he's a little scared of the commitment of it all.  But it's all good.

We have a kid we are starting to teach from Ecuador, George....(hint hint Uncle Shane).  The moment I told him I had an uncle that went there on a mission, he went about a million miles an hour talking about all sorts of stuff about Ecuador.  So maybe I could get some info on where Shane might have served around and I'll get more info about him and where he's from.  He said north, but not sure north of what.

Well I  love you guys and I miss you tons!!!

Love, Elder Ririe

Monday, January 31, 2011

23 Lessons this week!!!!

Hey Mom!

So we are pretty much awesome!  Well, no, not really...we just had an awesome week!  23 lessons in one week.  The average is about 10 or so.  We we were way stoked about that.  The Rodgers are are doing good.  Still struggling a little bit, but overall they're good.  We have another family that I'm not sure I told you about or not, the Houstons.  They are doing great!  And the husband, Chet, who used to not like us too much has really warmed up to us and he's been to church every week for about 3 or 4 weeks now.  I lost count! 

Sounds like everyone is doing awesome!  And yes, I think I know who Taylor Swift is...I think...well maybe.  I'm not sure!  Anyways, glad to hear Nicki is doing good.  How is her basketball?  Did you get the pictures I sent?  Hope you like them.  I didn't realize I hadn't sent pictures since Wenatchee.  Ooops!  My bad!

Well, I love ya'll tons!  Tell Den I say hi!  Miss you guys a lot!

Love, Elder Ririe

Monday, January 10, 2011

Emmy gets baptized!

Hey Mom,

Things here are great!  We had Emmy's baptism on Saturday.  She was super scared of the water but it all worked out fine.  Not much else going on at the moment.  I'm just really trying not to "check out" too soon, but it's all good.  I love it out here!  And I especially love the people here...they're great!  I'm so glad that I came out here on a mission!!!  We have a few people we are working with and our teaching pool is getting smaller, but hopefully we'll have a few more people to teach this upcoming week.  I can't really think of what to write about, everything feels like a blur lately.  Trying to remember some of your questions.  My knee is doing okay...we'll just have to wait and see on it.  The weather goes back and forth from sunny to cloudy, but it's ALWAYS cold (14 right now).  The other question you asked......same ole same ole.  I'm trying!!!!!  I still haven't heard from Sis. Futi and the kids, so I'm not sure what's going on there.  We haven't heard from Russ, but we did talk to the Elders that are teaching him about two weeks ago and all seemed to be good.  Thanks for ordering the study materials for Sis. Sosa.  That will be awesome for her!  She just found out her mom has cancer....that's not so awesome  :(
Awesome for Hunter on his ordination.  Tell him to email me!!!!  You wanted to know my agenda for the week.....Agenda = teach more people!!!  I'm trunkee outta my brain but trying hard!!!  You asked what's one of the first things I want to do when I get home (and I'm only saying this cuz you asked!!!)  Sleep and lose 30 lbs!!!!!  That's awesome about Nicki's team!  Tell her congrats and to email me!  It's easier for me if I can just email them, but I don't have their addresses.  Send them to me please!  Let Den know I miss him a bunch too!!!!

Love you guys and miss you a ton!

Love, Elder Lance Ririe

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Awesome and Icey!

Hey Mom and Den,

Things here are awesome!  Holidays as a missionary aren't really holidays, but instead of going out to party for New Year's we were able to watch missionary movies at the Emmerson's house.  Great family!  They have some funny stories about Elder Yancey that were fun to hear about.  So that was pretty fun.  Emmy is ready to go for Saturday.  We're really excited for her, but she's still really nervous.  We transferred Russ to the missionaries in his ward and he's still going strong.  Kinda disappointing that we can't be there for his baptism, but we're excited nonetheless.
Um... let's see what else is going on lately.  Oh, a guy we're working with, Jimmy Tungate, who has been meeting with the missionaries for years (actually met them back in the Glenrose ward of all places) but he's one big step closer to getting baptized.  We're just waiting on approval from Salt Lake for his baptism and then he'll be good to go.  I've never seen someone so eager to get baptized.  He's put so much work into getting to this point in his life.  It's just awesome to see!
Well, I love you guys and miss you tons!
Love, Elder Ririe

Monday, December 20, 2010

Talk to you soon!

Dear Mom and Den,

10606 N. Windham Ct
Spokane, WA  99208

I figured you would want that first!  ;)   Thanks for that card.  I got it and Sis. Engstrom called me and told me she got the package and should be dropping it off to me later today. 

Things here are pretty good.  Elder Bernards is a really good guy....mostly quiet and keeps to himself.  I hope after a little bit he starts to warm up and starts talking more.  The wards are good.  We spend all day at church from 7 am to 6 pm and lots and lots of meetings.  LOL...enough to give you a headache after sitting for so long, but we have lots going on here with one person on date for baptism in each ward and a few other people who are really close. 

The first is Emmy Rodgers.  She's 9 and she's really excited about being baptized.  Next is a guy named Russ and we put him on date for baptism last night for the 5th of February.  He's an awesome dude who is like a spiritual giant!  Then we have the Houstons, and Chet (the husband) is really close.  You can tell he's always absorbing information and thinking a lot.  Great family!!!

We live with the Hallers.  Nice folks, really nice.  Their house is filled with all sorts of super expensive stuff and I feel like I'm always going to break something, so I just usually stay in our room because I would HATE to break something! 

That's really all I can think of right now.  I love ya tons and I'll TALK to you soon!!!

Love, Elder Lance Ririe