Monday, December 20, 2010

Talk to you soon!

Dear Mom and Den,

10606 N. Windham Ct
Spokane, WA  99208

I figured you would want that first!  ;)   Thanks for that card.  I got it and Sis. Engstrom called me and told me she got the package and should be dropping it off to me later today. 

Things here are pretty good.  Elder Bernards is a really good guy....mostly quiet and keeps to himself.  I hope after a little bit he starts to warm up and starts talking more.  The wards are good.  We spend all day at church from 7 am to 6 pm and lots and lots of meetings.  LOL...enough to give you a headache after sitting for so long, but we have lots going on here with one person on date for baptism in each ward and a few other people who are really close. 

The first is Emmy Rodgers.  She's 9 and she's really excited about being baptized.  Next is a guy named Russ and we put him on date for baptism last night for the 5th of February.  He's an awesome dude who is like a spiritual giant!  Then we have the Houstons, and Chet (the husband) is really close.  You can tell he's always absorbing information and thinking a lot.  Great family!!!

We live with the Hallers.  Nice folks, really nice.  Their house is filled with all sorts of super expensive stuff and I feel like I'm always going to break something, so I just usually stay in our room because I would HATE to break something! 

That's really all I can think of right now.  I love ya tons and I'll TALK to you soon!!!

Love, Elder Lance Ririe