Monday, April 19, 2010

Letters to "Da Boys" - April 15, 2010

Dear Hunter,

Things here are awesome!  Nothing beats being a missionary - not even free tickets to the super bowl!  The experiences here are almost unbelievable.  Kinda like the idea you'll have a license to drive kind of unbelievable!  haha  But, really, a mission is awesome!  It's way hard work, but totally worth it.  I've met so many people that have changed my life forever!

Easter here was okay.  Conference was awesome!  I had 4 meals that day.  It was crazy!  All the conference talks were about family, which made me miss home - but its all good.

That's cool you're saving up for a mission.  It'll do you real good to go.  I wish I would have gone sooner, but I'm glad I'm here now.  Let me know how work goes for you.  You got huge from the picture Mom sent.  You're almost as tall as the fridge!  But you should bulk up a little more - start lifting and build some muscle.  But that's only if you wanna beat me up when I get home!

Hawaii sounds fun, but I bet I still have more fun out here!  But let me know how it goes.  The upside to getting fat on the mission is that I can turn it all to muscle in a matter of weeks when I get home.  haha

Love ya buddy,

Love, Elder Lance

Hey Tanner!
I had a great Easter!  IT was way cool to share it with people from church.  It sounds like your Easter was fun.  I'm glad school  is going good.  How about baseball?  Let me know what team you are on.  Hawaii with Dad sounds fun.  Tell me all about it when you get home.  I loved my Easter package!  The Peeps were the best!  I miss you little man.  Write back soon.

Elder Lance

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