Monday, April 19, 2010

Fazookies on me!

AWESOME!!!!!  Way to go Nicki on the medal for jav!  Fazookies on me!  hahahaha

Hey Everbody,
Things this week are good.  They announced that all the ward boundaries will be changing soon.  So as soon as I finally learn where I am, they'll change that up on me.  I wrenched my knee in basketball today, so, Mom, don't be surprised if you get a phone call from Sis. Palmer.  Oooops!  Ummm, as for new news, nobody to teach seriously as of yet, but we're looking pretty hard.  Talking to tons of people daily but not too many interested.  As for other things, covering 2 wards is pretty hard.  Trying to stay awake in one Sacrament Meeting is hard some weeks....2 is even worse.  BUT..I DO still manage to stay awake in both, though I did start to nod in the second one.  Anyways, things here are awesome!  I loved all the letters!  It felt like Christmas!  Most of them came on the same day so trying to figure out the order and everything was fun!  I enjoyed them all! 

New stuff, let's see...I decommissioned a pair of pants.  And, no, I didn't burn them.  That's not for another 4 months or so!  haha  But I had to get some new ones.  You mentioned maybe some new clothes for summer.  All I need is a pair of shorts.  I'm like a size 34 now.  Ugh!  It was nice being fit.  I'm not fond of being fat. 

I love you guys tons.  And miss you a whole bunch! 

Love, Elder Lance Ririe

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