Monday, April 5, 2010

Gone the way of the Dodo!

Dear Mom and Den,

I'm headed north!  I figure most birds go south, but in my case it's more like I'm like a Dodo.  I'm not sure quite what I mean by that, but all of us here think its funny.  So I am FO SHO being transferred, which is a bummer but I guess its all good.  I'm off to little Spokane River, which is about halfway between the South Hill and Colville, so that's cool.  My new companion is Elder Thomas.  He came out with Elder Smith's group so he's cool from what I hear.

Matt didn't make his interview and was really bent out of shape, so we are going to go try to help him out.  It's a bummer buts it's all for the better and he can still be baptized in a few weeks.

Conference was awesome!!!  We enjoyed it all!  Talks were amazing and made us all miss home because everything was about family and about mothers.  So yes I do in fact terribly miss mom...a lot, but I loved it all the same.  They mentioned an elder in our mission (Elder Reier, who happened to be in the Lincoln Heights ward before I was so everybody gets our names confused)  in the priesthood session, which was crazy awesome!!!  It was Elder Rasband's talk.  He came with Elder Bednar last October.

Anyways, so that's all the news from up here.  I love you guys tons and miss you even more!!!

Love, Elder Lance Ririe

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