Monday, December 28, 2009

Gettin back to work!

Our Christmas phonecall from Elder Ririe was beyond great!  It was great to hear his voice.  He's doing awesome, although he did tell us a blew out his knee a few weeks ago.  Other than that he said things in Spokane were fantastic.  He told Tanner he really is having the best two years of his life!  Here's the letter we received from him today.

Hey Mom and Den,

It was awesome to get to talk to you and I miss you tons!  Don't worry about getting emotional Mom.  You're a're supposed to do that kind of stuff!  Well, not much has changed since Friday other than getting back into doing missionary stuff again after Christmas, so it's all good.  We are teaching a Micronesian family now and they are great!  What's even better is that Futi is helping us by fellowshipping  them, so that's been great!  I'm sure Marshall is glad to be home.  You'll have to have him email me about how he is doing.  I'd love to hear from him.  Well, my mind is blank now.  I might have a stroke of brilliance later.  I love you guys.  tell everybody hi for me.  I miss you tons!

Love, Lance

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