Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What A Week!

Elder Ririe's letter was a little late this week and short but sweet. He must be way busy this week!!! Can't wait to hear from him next week... hopefully he'll share a little more of his exciting week!

Hey Mom and Den!

Well, first, only half of Den's email showed up today. Not sure why :s

Anyways, it's been an awesome week! We had the baptism and Futi wanted to call you so bad! She's so awesome! I don't think she's stopped smiling all week! And it was such an awesome baptism! We had lays and the Samoan BBQ was awesome...such amazing food! Even President and Sister Palmer came to the baptism! Wow, that made me nervous, but it all went great!

It's awesome that Nicki made the team. Is she varsity or JV? I'm excited to hear how it goes and I want to see pictures!!!

Well, I hope everybody is doing good. I'd write more but my brain is fried this morning from all that has gone on this week!

I love you tons! And I miss you even more!

Love, Lance

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