Friday, November 6, 2009

Latest Letter - November 2, 2009

Happy After Halloween?!

Hey Mom and Den,
So, we had a pretty good week. Futi is getting all prepped and ready for her baptism. This Sunday she got up and bore her testimony. It was such a great joy to witness and I'm just blessed to have been a part of this life changing event for her.

Halloween for missionaries is not nearly as fun as it is for everyone else. We had to be inside at 6:00 and done for the day at 8:00 so not much got done that day. But we have slowly but surely been finding more people to teach. We have a new part-member family who just moved into the ward. The wife is from Iceland and she wants to be baptized! It's an amazing blessing to have yet another one so soon....we just met her yesterday! The Lord is really looking out for us here. It's a humbling experience to recognize that the baptisms that we are part of are gifts from the Lord. My testimony has been strengthened greatly because of the changes that I have seen the gospel bring to those who didn't have it before.

Thanks for the Halloween package. I loved it!!! The peanut butter cookies were legen....wait for it....Dary! Absolutely awesome as well as the rest. I shared most of it with Elder Itgel and Ti. Ti has requested some chocolate chip in the next package, so I told him that I would ask. The Clarks loved the little pumpkin that you had sent for them.

Thanks so much for all the updates from home and all the love that you share. I miss you guys tons!!! And I love you even more!!!

Love, Lance

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