Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Week!

Hey Mom and Den!

It's been a good week. We've been tracting for most of it trying to find more people to teach. We had a lot of appointments fall through, which means......more tracting. For the most part people are pretty nice, but then you get a bunch of crazies and stuff like that. But on a good note, Ti decided he wants to be baptized! So we're really excited about that! The only thing is that he is leaving on Christmas vacation to see his Dad in Alaska and so he won't be getting back until mid January, so I may not get to be there for it unless I'm still close by :s

We have another lady getting ready to be baptized. We call her Gramma because she is one of the recent convert's in the wards mother and so that's what everyone knows her by. Her date is on the 5th. The only setback is that she is terrified of water, so we are going to be giving her a blessing sometime this week.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving. We've been invited to 2 or 3 dinners already and I'm gonna be more stuffed than any turkey!

I love you guys and miss you tons!

Love, Lance

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