Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey Mom and Den!

Well, it was a good week again! I have a new lava lava. It's pretty cool! I have pictures of me in it that I'll send in this next batch. So Futi's family is doing great. Ti and Ulu have been taking the lessons with us. Ti is 18 and wants to go to BYU Hawaii. Ulu, 20, is getting ready to go to the University of San Francisco. They are way cool and they call me Oso (oo-se...rhymes with moose). It's awesome though. They treat us like we are family and they are always giving us food, but it's delicious! My favorite so far has been the spam musupi, but it's all spectacular! We have another baptism scheduled for the 5th. Her name is Bonita and her family are all recent converts and so now she has started taking the lessons with us! So lots of exciting blessings recently! It finally snowed here the other day! Transfers here are coming up on the 30th and we get calls on the 28th, so I want my birthday present from President to be that I get to stay here through another transfer! :) And I'll try to write a letter for once. Maybe I can get a jumpstart on some ideas!

So, how is everybody? I hope you're all doing good. I miss you guys tons!

Love, Lance

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