Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day~

Hey Mom and Den,

Well, this week was alright.  I hate holiday weekends as a missionary.  You have to go out and work and either nobody is home or having family parties that you can't go to, most of which out here have involved football games - which was kinda fun to hear that BYU beat Washington.  The Lewis' are HUGE Washington fans, so that made for some fun trash talking this weekend. 

Unfortunately, not anyone new to teach this week.  Still working with the Haleys, but they were out of town...stupid holiday.  But as for everything else, it's great!  Sister Lewis showed me the email that you sent here.  I'd hoped you guys liked the video.  I thought it was one of my best yet.  I'm hoping we have some more good things happen out here, but I guess I just gotta do what I can to make them happen. 

I miss you guys a ton!  I can't wait to hear how things are back home this week!

Miss ya'll tons!  Love ya!

Elder Lance Ririe

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