Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Best Two Years!!!! And a little "trunky"

Hey Mom and Den,

Well, we are still struggling on finding more people to teach, but the Haley's are doing great!  The friendships you make with some of the families out here are just so awesome.  They remind me alot of the experience with Sis. Futi, except I don't get fed nearly as much!  But it's just so great being able to be around good people and being able to serve them.

I did get my letter and one of the packages, as well as the pics from the lake.  Geeeze...you guys go off and do all this fun stuff without me!  Bummer!!!  hahaha  Not really, cause I'd rather be here anyways cause I really love it here.  Wenatchee is growing on me, but I still like Spokane better.  Its kinda funny cause I can reflect on all the great people I've been able to meet that have changed my life and that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't done this. I'm so happy that I decided to serve a mission!!!

Well, not much else to say cause we're still struggling on finding people to teach, but we're working hard.

Oh...and on football...HUGE bummer!  I had to hear about it all weekend!  So my hope is that BYU redeems themselves this week, but it sounds like it'll be a rough game.  And I'm not really surprised that BYU stuck with Nelson cause he's got the experience and its usually better to err on the side of experience than have the new guy get too anxious and try to force a big play and have it blow up. 

Well, love you all and miss ya tons!!!

Elder Lance Ririe

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