Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poor Elder Nelson :(

Hey Mom and Den,

Well, let's start with the good news!  We have a teaching pool now!  Well, with at least two people - and they are both on date for baptism!  Helen and Dean.  They are both awesome!  Helen's son was baptized down in the second ward (where I was this time last year) a few months ago and has since then convinced his mom to take the lessons, which as been awesome.  So they are on date for the 19th.  We are stoked about that!  And the bad news - I've sat around the apartment for most of the week due to my companion being super sick.  We aren't really sure what is wrong with him, but he's been sick since last Sunday - so it's been over a week.  The mission doctor told us it was probably just acid reflux but we don't think so seeing that he hasn't been able to keep anything down for ten days now.  So I've been going crazy around the apartment.  I wrote some letters but ran out of stamps, so I'll be getting more today and sending those out.  I got your mail!  They finally fixed the address problem.  Our new address is (see side bar).  So there ya go!  I'll send more later.

Love ya tons!
Elder Ririe

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