Monday, June 21, 2010

Things are good!

Hi Guys!
Things are good.  Did Den get his card?  It sounds like Hawaii was fun, at least it sure looked like it from all the pictures that got emailed to me today.  My knee is holding up ok.  Haven't been biking too much unless you count the Butter's exercixe bike.  Elder Nelson's bike was stolen so we are walking most of the time.  But good news is I'm losing a little weight now.  Elder Nelson is doing a little better every day.  I think that things will get a lot better after transfers, which are like next week.  Whoa!  Where did all the time go?  As for the baptism last week, our mission leader postponed it because it wasn't announced in Sacrament meeting, but then it didn't get announced again yesterday.  But we're going to go ahead anyways because they're ready and I donn't want to explain why they had to wait to get baptized again.  Hoopfest is this weekend.  Kind of exciting.  I'm no where near it this year, unlike being in the middle of it last year.  But if I get the chance I'll try to get permission to go down for p-day and maybe get a t-shirt or something.  I loved the package and the cookies were awesome!!!  But my favorite are still the peanut butter ones, but really they're all good...mmmmm good!  And I'll keep all that stuff in mind when it comes to my homecoming talk.  I probably won't even mention the indian reservation, which having since happened that story has been blown WAY out of proportion since missionaries talk! 
I love you guys and I hope this week goes great!
Miss you tons!
Love, Elder Lance Ririe

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