Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Companion!

Hey Mom and Den,

Things are good.  I didn't get transferred, so that's a bonus.  And Helen and Dean's baptisms went great, except that they printed the wrong last names on the program.  Whoops!  But they were so happy afterwards.  I'm getting a new companion, Elder Sorenson.  I guess from what I hear he's a little different, but he tries hard and that's good.  And has fate would have it, more leaders that don't like me too much, but I don't give them much thought - other than that they frustrate me at times.  Things here continue as always though.  We have another lady on date for baptism on the 17th.  She's awesome!  She was raised Catholic and absolutely loves the Book of Mormon.  The more she reads it the more she says, "That chapter is just was I believe!"  So we're excited for her.

Sorry this one is a little short.  Lots of packing to help Elder Nelson with.  I love you guys and I'll try to write a real letter later this week. 

Love you tons and miss you even more!
Love, Elder Lance Ririe

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