Monday, May 10, 2010

Treasured Phone Calls!

Mother's Day and Christmas are my favorite any missionary mom will tell you!  We had a FANTISTIC  phone call with Elder Lance yesterday.  He sounds great, is doing awesome, and sends everyone his love!  His knee seems to be doing much better, but still bothers him a little.  The stake he was serving in just had their boundaries all realigned so now he covers two brand new wards.  Also with the changes to the boundaries they lost all their current investigators they were teaching, as well as their apartment (its now in a different ward).  With having to find a new place to live and no one to teach in their teaching pool, this week will be a busy one for sure.  Transfers are next week, so he's not sure what will happen with those.  He is still loving his mission and feels more than blessed to be there.  He said words just can't describe.  He had a great time talking to the kids, who were actually all pretty chatty this time.  I had a hard time getting them off the phone!!!  I asked him if the calls home make him more homesick...and he reassured me it helps the homesickness go away.  He said, "You just have no idea how good it is to hear you guys!"  Only 9 short months left to go!  We both agreed it would go by fast, but I'm definitely counting the days till Christmas!  haha

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