Monday, January 18, 2010

Welome to the LH!

Hey Mom and Den!

Well, the new apartment is way gross!  Missionaries have been living there for 10 years now.  We spent all day Thursday cleaning it....Oh man that was gross!!!  And we only got the main room done!  Elder Smith is pretty cool.  We get along pretty well.  He hasn't seen like any movies, so trying to quote movies with him doesn't work too well  :s

Unfortunately, we aren't teaching anyone right now.  I got here and all the investigators had been dropped.  And then one of the elders from a different ward got sick and we had to go on exchanges with them.  So I don't know the area at all yet.  Now that I'm senior I can make time for writing letters.  I've been writing the kids back and they should get theirs any day now.

My first Sunday in the ward was Stake Conference and so most of Glenrose still thinks I'm in their ward.  My knee is okay.  It only hurts on days when we go walking a lot, but other than that it's good and I've been way careful about it.

So, our week was pretty uneventful due to the lack of being able to work with Elder Howell being sick, but this next week should be great!

I love you guys and miss you tons!

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