Friday, January 29, 2010

A Letter to Nicki

Hey Nicki,

How was the birthday?  I hope you liked the card.  I thought it was humorous (well, that is if my picture next to Jennifer Aniston was still there!)  Mom says you made the winning shot the other night.  It sounds like you're having a blast.  Junior year was my favorite year in high school.  It's a bummer that I don't get to see any of your b-ball anymore, but being a missionary is awesome.  It's great to see how the gospel can make people's lives better.  I've been loving every minute out here, no regrets.  Well, maybe I regret not writing as much, but everything I've done out here has been totally worth it!  Let me know if I can get anything for you out here.  I hope I'm still around in June so I can get you a Hoopfest shirt or something.

I love ya a bunch,
Love Lance

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