Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Hey Hey!

Hey Mom and Den,

Well, it's been a rough week.  Things are good numbers wise; we are finding and teaching but our ward mission leader just canceled all of our dinner appointments for the month because he said that its ineffective.  So that's frustrating, as well as Bro. Butters has been getting worse about everything; complaining about everything that we do and he's been withholding our mail.  So I'm very frustrated as of late and not having zone leaders that care is rough too.  I did FINALLY get the package last week though.  It was awesome!  You guys are great!  Helen, our recent convert as of about a month ago is now having us teach her granddaughter and she should be baptized here pretty soon.  And Dean received the priesthood yesterday.  Its so cool to see all these little blessings that happen around us all the time.  So its things like that that help me realize why I'm here and that I can be a part of something so great.  I love the people out here and just how great they are.  Lots of great things going on.  Have you guys talked to Futi at all?  Just been thinking about them lately.  I think I'll always reflect on how I met them and how much they helped me in gaining a love for the gospel because I applied it so differently with them than I ever had before.

Well, I hope things back home are going awesome.  I'll write back to the kids when I can.  And there should be a little sum'n sum'n for the Nerm in the mail.  Nothin much, just a little sum'n.

Love you guys tons!

Elder Lance Ririe

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