Monday, February 8, 2010

Time's Flyin!

Hey guys!

Eleven months already??!  Wow!
Well, how was the Super Bowl?  I haven't heard much of how the game was, but I did hear it was like 34 - 17 Saints, which sounds like it was a good game.  Trying to work on the Super Bowl was way hard.  Nobody wanted to hear about the gospel, but they were way friendly in that they would try to invite us in to watch the game.  So, we ended up studying for most of the day.  Other than that it was a pretty average week.  I hope  you got my letter okay since I didn't send an e-mail last week.  I get to baptize Ti on Sunday, the 14th, so I'm way stoked.  That's gonna be awesome and I can't wait!  We are finding tons of people here to teach, but we can't get anybody to come to church.  That's been rough, but other than that it's all good.

Well, I love you guys!  And miss you even more!

Love,  Elder Ririe

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