Monday, November 15, 2010

"Coming Home Soon Papers in the Mail!"

Hey Mom and Den,

Sorry I wasn't able to write much last week.  The internet kept crashing before I could get a letter out.

That's awesome that Nicki made the team again!

Things here are pretty good.  We found a new family to teach.  They are awesome!  The Keipe's.  They are Catholic but are really open and have lots of sincere questions about the church, so we look forward to teaching them more.  We found them through a family in the ward that invited them over for dinner, so we are very excited to be teaching them.  Other than that things have been pretty slow - lots of appointments canceling.

Glad to hear you guys are doing great.  I got yours and Gramma's letters, so let Gramma know that I got it.  Not too much of an exciting week other than the Keipe's, but things are good.  It hasn't snowed yet, just getting colder and rainy.  But it just won't snow.  They say maybe on Thursday, but I still saw somebody  mowing their lawn yesterday so who knows.    And I got the Ensign.  Thanks a bunch!!  That's fun for Hunter getting asked to the dance.

Oh.....I got my "going home soon papers" in the mail last week.  They need to know which airport I'm flying into, Pres. Welch's address, and the bishops address.  So if you could get me that stuff that'd be great!

So that's whats up here!  Love you guys a tons and miss ya lots too!

Elder Lance Ririe

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