Monday, October 11, 2010

Our purpose in life...

Dear Mom and Den,

Wow!  That's some crazy stuff for the week.  It sounds like Elder Allridge is from Deer Park - at least that's the only Deer "something" that I know of.  That's a huge bummer about James too.  I hope he's alright.  I'll spread the word out here to some of his former companions.  I'm glad the elders were able to come over.   That's funny that Elder Allridge is from Spokane and you could talk about his home.  I haven't heard about the games (football) for a while.  Everybody here in this ward are students and don't have time to watch the games, so I don't know much unless Den or Bro. Flink (Shade Park Ward) gives me an update.

Our week was fast but slow.  Time is cruising along, but when you're sick and can't do much time starts to slow down.  But I'm getting better and I totally sprayed the apartment with bleach again (to kill the mold).  Same bottle I bought 6 months ago.  Ha ha  But I started to get better on Saturday just in time for stake flag football.  We had a great showing from our ward and they brought tons of non-members that came and played with us.  It was awesome!  I love when they have activities that people feel comfortable enough to invite people so we can get to know them.

As for teaching, our teaching pool has dried up somewhat.  Lots of people who we were teaching are either just not around or have been avoiding us, so we haven't taught Abby or Gavin (park bench guy) since the first time we taught them.  So it's a bummer, but we're still keeping our heads up and keep  looking for people to teach.  Last night I had a neat experience.  Sis. Futi called to tell me about how she shared an experience about back when Elder Itgel and I had taught her.  She told me they were sitting in class talking about our purpose in life and she shared how when we were teaching her we asked her that question...and she said she knew...or at least she thought she knew.  Her thoughts were that we should be good people, get up early, and work hard.  But as she shared with the class and eventually with me, as we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and God's plan for us and why we are here, she came to know that she was a daughter of God and that there was more for her than to just work and go about life, but to develop a relationship with Christ and to keep the commandments and to be baptized.  It was great to hear that from her and she wanted me to tell you about it today.

Well, I hope everybody is great.  I love you guys tons, and miss ya even more!!!

Elder Lance Ririe

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