Monday, October 25, 2010

Change is in the air~

Hey Mom and Den,
It was a pretty good week. We had our whole ward leadership change here, so it has been pretty crazy! But it's all good.  The weather here has been super rainy but not even close to being cold enough to snow. I'm hoping its not like last year where it just rained all winter... that was pretty lame. But because I want it to snow it probably wont. haha  Anyways... the work is still about the same. My most recent struggle seems to be helping the ward get involved in missionary work. It's SO much easier when members invite their friends to take the lessons because tracting seems to only be good for stories, although I think back and I have had an amazing experience tracting with Si. Futi and the kids. But those seem to be a one in a million chance. Anyways, I love being here and we have so many great members that love to help us out and love to feed us even more. One of which is Sosa.  She's a Samoan lady that helped me when I was teaching Sis. Futi. She lives on the border of our ward and another ward here, so she calls us to make sure we have a dinner and if we dont she makes sure we get fed. She's great. She wants to go through the temple the same time as Sis. Futi, so that would be really exciting. So the reason I mentioned her is because she wanted the house number so she could call you guys and tell you how I was doing. So I hope that's ok.

I'll send pictures,  You might be having a November visitor coming too. Sis. Crump.  She's the allover super mission mom.  She offered to take a box of things home for me in November so I thought that would be something you might look forward too. Sis. Crump is great!  She and Bro. Crump have us over for lunch every Sunday. They are soo great! Needless to say we love them out here.  Good to hear that James is doing good. That was a bit of a scare, but glad that he's alright.

Well I love you guys and I miss you even more!!!
Love  Elder Lance  Ririe

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