Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi Mom and Den,

Well, Carol was confirmed yesterday.  She's just awesome - soaks up the gospel like a sponge!  And we have another person on date for baptism already!  A really good guy named Matt.  He's got a few little bumps in the way, but we know he'll be ready by the 10th of April!  Which, it'll be a bummer if transfers happen, but it's all good just to be part of the process! 

Other things going on here - um unfortunately some of our best investigators just moved right outside of the ward (just a couple blocks) really suddenly.  But the husband goes out of town a lot for work (he leaves on Tuesday) and so we were able to help them move just in a day.  We went to visit them and they had a U-Haul outside and were loading they're stuff into the truck.  So I just jump right in and start helping while Elder Smith finds out the situation.  (It's been designated that I do a lot of the grunt work - ha ha)  Anyways, we ended up helping them move and they were so appreciative.  It was awesome to be a part of that. 

Well, not sure what else is new but maybe I'll think of more later.

I love you guys a tons and miss you even more!

Love, Elder Ririe

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