Monday, January 31, 2011

23 Lessons this week!!!!

Hey Mom!

So we are pretty much awesome!  Well, no, not really...we just had an awesome week!  23 lessons in one week.  The average is about 10 or so.  We we were way stoked about that.  The Rodgers are are doing good.  Still struggling a little bit, but overall they're good.  We have another family that I'm not sure I told you about or not, the Houstons.  They are doing great!  And the husband, Chet, who used to not like us too much has really warmed up to us and he's been to church every week for about 3 or 4 weeks now.  I lost count! 

Sounds like everyone is doing awesome!  And yes, I think I know who Taylor Swift is...I think...well maybe.  I'm not sure!  Anyways, glad to hear Nicki is doing good.  How is her basketball?  Did you get the pictures I sent?  Hope you like them.  I didn't realize I hadn't sent pictures since Wenatchee.  Ooops!  My bad!

Well, I love ya'll tons!  Tell Den I say hi!  Miss you guys a lot!

Love, Elder Ririe

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